About Us

Welcome to Ray Ray Laboratories. Our company was established on 26th January 1981 in the city of Nagpur. We are working with the same principles and values since we started more than 38 years ago.
Our company is growing with every passing year.

We manufacture Monolayer and Multilayer LDPE,LLDPE,HDPE Plastic Rolls, Sheets, Tunings, Bags and
Films specialized for Explosive Industries and other sectors all over India (all the plastic products are above 51Microns as per prescribed by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board). We are focused to provide best quality to our customers and clients and we are improving with the help of good machineries that are manufactured in India as well as other countries like Germany. We started our company with one mono layer machine for Forest Bags and later with the help of R&D we developed our product by exploring the market and increased the production capacity. In recent years, we also started Multilayer packaging films as technology is developing at faster rate. We have a good and skilled team to work here. With their experience and knowledge our company is increasing its stature and we have made a good rapport with all the employees here irrespective of their positions.

At Red Ray Laboratories, we always try to provide highest quality of product to our clients and we are completely dedicated and driven towards our work for the same.

– Avinash Purohit