Core Team

Late Shri. Gangadhar.G.Purohit is the founder of this company. He had a business vision and sharp mind when he took a risk of development of this Business. He was born in Nagpur to a big family. He managed to reach up to State level Cricket team. Later, he did worked at a British owned company for few years before starting his own business. His dedication and his passion is the reason Red Ray Laboratories has developed to what it is today.

Shri. Avinash.G.Purohit is the current partner in the company (son of Shri.G.G.Purohit). He is the bank bone of this firm. He completed his studies and successful establishment of the manufacturing unit. He has 38 years of experience in this field and did a various R&Ds to successfully create the name of Firm. His dedication towards work is progidious.

Shri. Shriram.G.Purohit is also one of the helping hands in the development and progress of the firm. He is the second son of Shri Gangadhar Purohit; he completed his graduation in B.A and later joined Business right away. Shriram Purohit played a pivotal role in development of a sister concern company of Red Ray Laboratories i.e Cemech Engineering Industries. He currently has the dealership of GAIL (Gas athourity of India Ltd.) Petrochemical division of Maharashtra (except Mumbai).

Shri. Eknath.G.Purohit is also the helping hand in the company. Being the third and last son of Shri.Gangadhar Purohit; he also dived in the business at an early age. He found out that he also had business instincts while studying M. Com. he is also the key developer of Cemech Company. His ethics towards work made him the owner of 2 more manufacturing industries

Shri. Gaurav.A.Purohit is the youngest member in the group and the second and last partner of the company; he is grandson to Mr. Gangadhar Purohit and son of Mr. Avinash Purohit. He is an engineer and MBA and did a job in Maharashtra Government for 2 years before joining Red Ray Laboratories. His skills and dedication are helping the company to rise in the global market.